Coco: Big City Kitty

Once, there was a small kitten named Coco. She was born on the busiest night, at the busiest hospital, in the busiest city in the world. Coco loved being a big city kitty. The bright lights made her purr, the bustle made her meow, and the buzz made her whiskers tingle. But then Coco’s parents share some big news that will change everything.

Coco: Big City Kitty is the first title in this new picture book series, beautifully illustrated in watercolour by Nicky Johnston. The series follows Coco as she navigates the challenges that arise when she leaves behind the only life she’s ever known. Coco initially struggles to adjust to her new reality, but gradually forms some unlikely friendships. As well as providing lively adventures, her new friends help Coco to understand some valuable lessons about life, love, friendship and the joys that can be found in nature.

Coco: Big City Kitty is illustrated by Nicky Johnston and published by Scholastic Australia (June 2020). The second book in the series, Coco and The Butterfly is also available.

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